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June 08 2011

June 04 2011

June 01 2011

Current Lets its Bold Flag Fly

Brand New

Current Logo, Before and After

Launched in 2005 by former Vice President Al Gore (before An Inconvenient Truth fame) and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, Current TV was originally a pretty drastic model of programming, featuring user-generated "pods" reflecting a broad range of topics and opinions that lasted anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. You could tune in at any time of day and just jump right in into whatever was going on and...

May 31 2011

May 16 2011

The more you know, the less you need.


“The more you know, the less you need. The experienced fly fisherman with only one rod, one type of fly, and one type of line will always outfish the duffer with an entire quiver of gear and flies. I never forget Thoreau's advice: 'I say beware of all enterprises that require new clothes...'"

—Yvon Chouinard on product design in Let My People Go Surfing.
Chouinard is a rock climber...

May 14 2011

Tim Van Damme’s Instapaper iPad redesign

Yesterday, Tim Van Damme posted a redesign mockup of Instapaper’s iPad app on Dribbble:

Last night for some reason I wanted to try to redesign Instapaper, just for fun. […]

Note: This is not me criticizing the current interface for Instapaper. Marco did a terrific job with it, and it is hands down the best app on the iPad. This was just me being bored for an hour or 2.

It looks great...

May 06 2011

May 02 2011

Dinner for Schmucks

The Art of the Title Sequence

This image has no alt text

"Sometimes I'll be working on a piece, and I'll think, "No, this is bullshit." So I will literally rub bull excrement on the piece as a metaphor." - Kieran Draper

The wooden case is opened and inside, an array of tiny accoutrements. From it a tiny hat is removed while the credits sidle in, superimposed. And as a mouse figurine has her hair dyed...

April 18 2011

April 16 2011


From bomberstudios' contacts

plumilla posted a photo:


a cascoporro

March 24 2011

iPads can now see WordPress blogs in an optimized view


WordPress is the world's most popular blogging tool, with over 25 million users. The iPad is the world's most popular tablet device, with over 17 million shipped in 2010. What happens when you get these two popular kids together? Magic.

Automattic Inc, the company behind WordPress, announced a new iPad-optimized view for all and self-hosted WordPress blogs. The company has...

March 15 2011

Where Innovation Belongs in User-Centered Design

Johnny Holland - It's all about interaction

Shared by bomberstudios
At Interaction 11 Tim Wood aptly referred to pattern libraries as “the clip art of interaction design.”

Usability is often viewed as being inherently risk-averse, and even at odds with innovative ideas. The usability practitioner seeks to meet users’ expectations – or “mental models” – eliminate surprises rather than capitalize on them, and follow standards that...

March 11 2011

There Goes Another $4,924,366.19

The Online Photographer


Photo by Winslow Townson for the Boston Globe

Colored rivulets ran on the pavement and roadside snow was stained blue when a tractor-trailer carrying a load of inkjet-printer ink cartridges crashed during the morning rush hour on the ramp between Route 128 and Interstate 95 in Peabody, Massachusetts, yesterday. (No one was hurt. Except possibly people who hate seeing expensive printer ink...

March 10 2011

Do You Ever Feel This Way?

The Online Photographer

Do you ever feel like you have to go take pictures of something?

This morning we had a late winter snowstorm that came down in big, sticky flakes and stuck to everything. Stop signs were white, not red; trees, cars, shopping carts at the grocery store, even power and telephone wires were coated with white frosting. And, as usual, I felt an anxious, nagging obligation to pick a camera and get...


March 07 2011

Have a nice day


Don't let anyone tell you that the tools you choose are wrong or inappropriate. Find the right design and keep winning.

Occasionally I'm asked to provide an opinion about a topic that people think I should have some authority to comment on for some reason. That topic, as you might guess, is wireframing.

I enjoy pointing people towards good resources, or helping them with a problem using a tool...

March 04 2011

The 892 unique ways to partition a 3 x 4 grid

Dubberly Design Office

The 892 unique ways to partition a 3 x 4 grid

Designed by Thomas Gaskin. Creative direction by Hugh Dubberly. Algorithms by Patrick Kessler. Patent belongs to William Drenttel + Jessica Helfand.

This poster illustrates a change in design practice. Computation-based design—that is, the use of algorithms to compute options—is becoming more practical and more common. Design tools are becoming more computation-based; designers are working more ...

A Million Random Digits: review of reviews


Recently on his blog (here), Robin mentioned an amazing book, called "A Million Random Digits" published by RAND corporation. The book was initially published in 1955, but RAND published a nice (and expensive) second edition.

A great thing is that on Amazon, there are several extremely interesting reviews of the book. E.g.

4.0 out of 5 stars Didn’t like the ending, February 10, 2009  By Damien Katz

Even though I...

March 03 2011


Useful bookmarks - Bookdepository

Finally, bookmarks that make sense (I'm digging the Apple Shortcuts one : )
While it's reasonable to assume that anyone sane is using Bundler, the same can't be said for ActiveRecord
Issues - aanand/git-up - GitHub
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